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Full time - On site

What we are looking for


Having the largest number of genetic analyses in Japan, for this role, we are looking for a highly motivated bioinformatics engineer/programmer that can develop optimized, scalable and fully automated data pipelines to process large amounts of information.

The role requires the application of the latest bioinformatics and machine learning techniques to generate novel biological insights from these data.

Part of the A.D.A.M. Innovation Center and an international team, the candidate will be actively taking part in planning and developing new products or features that enhance our existing products based on the latest scientific advances.

  • Degree in Bioinformatics, Biostatistics or Information Science, Computational Biology, Genetics 

  • Highly experienced in using Python, plus knowledge of other programming languages such as Java, Ruby, Groovy and/or R

  • Experience with data analysis pipelines, knowledge of workflow management system (such as Cromwell, Snakemake) and workflow language (e.g. WDL, CWL)

  • Experience with using softwares such as SAMtools, BCFtools, PLINK

  • Experience with using version control tools such as Git

  • MS, PhD, or research experience 

  • Cancer Genetics research experience

  • Experience working with cloud servers such as on Azure or AWS

  • Experience with algorithmic and machine learning techniques such as clustering, dimensionality reduction, optimization, prediction.

  • Knowledge of graph theory

  • Knowledge of Java tools such as Gradle

  • Experience with using docker

What You’ll Do

  • Be part of a team developing exciting new products and services at the forefront of the latest advancements in genetic science.

  • Developing and managing complex bioinformatic pipelines in collaboration with our laboratory.

  • Involved in R&D to develop AI based prediction models applied to personalized health and wellness.

  • Combining multiple sources and large sources of data, including genomics and phenotypic data as well as connected data from wearables.


Inquiries about the hiring process 

Email address:

In principle, we only hire candidates who are eligible to work full time in Japan.
Genesis Healthcare Co. may consider sponsoring a visa for certain candidates at its discretion.

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