Consumer Testing Services

GeneLife offers a range of DNA testing kits directly to consumers, enabling users to assess potential hereditary health risks and lifestyle related conditions

Through our test reports and wellness recommendations, customers are empowered to know more about themselves and be informed about potential risks for the future. It allows them to make relevant proactive lifestyle adjustments to enhance their health. GeneLife offers a variety of genetic testing kits ranging from health, personality, diet and nutrition, beauty and skincare, sports and fitness as well as ancestry.

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GeneLife offers a variety of health and lifestyle related genetic tests

Genesis 2.0 is our most comprehensive genetic test kit that scans for over 361 traits to uncover potential health risks, diseases and conditions. In addition to that, GeneLife also offers a range of kits covering diet, skin, fitness and metabolic syndrome. Customers may choose any kit that fits their needs the most.

All our tests are easily done from the comfort of home

Our genetic test kits allow customers to collect mucosa from the inner side of their cheek or saliva samples easily by themselves, from the convenience of their home. Once done, users only need send their sample and consent form back via post. The results of the genetic test will arrive in approximatively 2 weeks to a month (delivery time depends on the purchased kit). Customers can check their results through paper-based reports or through their online account on our website/mobile sites.

Launch of the GeneLife 3.0 App to be used exclusively to GeneLife users

Launch of the GeneLife 3.0 App to be used exclusively to GeneLife users

By using the GeneLife 3.0 App, you can browse through not only your genetic test results but also interesting lifestyle articles. In addition to that, data extension services incorporated into the app enables app users to choose another test of their liking and immediately look into their results without having to go through the entire testing procedure again.

Multiple business partnerships models

Genesis Healthcare collaborates with a range of strategic partners, with different collaboration models, ranging from whole-selling services of existing products to OEM partnerships across our product-line up (exclusive of risk testing). In addition, GeneLife is distributed through a range of retail partners, such as pharmacies, beauty salons, sports gyms, to name a few. Customized API services are also available and evaluated on an on-demand basis.

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For Clinicians and Researchers

Genesis Healthcare provides innovative solutions to the medical and healthcare industry

Since our inception, our aim has been to support healthcare providers, medical institutions and universities in their research programs. Providing high quality genetic analysis services, accessible at the most competitive cost in Japan and across Asia, GenesisPro offers a range of professional services including Next Generation Sequencers (NGS), microarray and PCR analysis.

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Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

With the arrival of Next Generation Sequencers, it is now possible to sequence full genome or exome (protein encoding regions) sequencing. This methodology will provide higher quality sequencing but at a lower cost for biomedical, population genetics and pharmacogenetic research communities.


The microarray method allows genome wide screening of SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms). We also provide GWAS studies for identification of various diseases and characteristics.

Real-time PCR

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), is a method widely used to make multiple copies of a specific DNA segment (i.e., DNA amplification). This method enables us to amplify specific regions of a sample of DNA or RNA for SNP genotyping and gene-expression profiling.

Nucleic Acid Extractor

The nucleic acid extractor automatically processes many samples simultaneously which allows us to prepare high-quality nucleic acids required for real-time PCR. This automatization also minimizes the risk of sample mix-ups and increases staff safety.

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Marketplace for Genetic Information

R&D platform utilizing genetic data

GenesisGaia is a new genomic platform that allows us to use, store and manage genetic data accumulated over the years for research and development (R&D) for clients. By incorporating GenesisGaia, clients can significantly speed up their R&D for drug discovery and in medical and healthcare.

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Data recorded

GenesisGaia is a solution which enables clients to browse through our database that holds genetic data, lifestyle information and disease history all in one. All data is accumulated based on consent for research use and is protected by a security system which does not allow individuals to be identified.

Analysis and joint research

GenesisGaia is the only platform in Japan that provides you a solution to screen for genes and diseases at the same time. You can set various conditions and we provide the GWAS analysis at our company. In addition to that, upon request, in-house staff trained in Bioinformatics and Data Science can provide comprehensive solution proposals and consultation to clients.