Mar 11, 2021
Press Release

Singapore, March 11, 2021 – Genesis Healthcare Asia Pte. Ltd. announces a partnership with Insmart in Vietnam.

The partnership covers distribution of direct-to-consumer genetic testing services in the Vietnamese market. The first product to be introduced will be GeneLife Genesis 2.0; a test kit covering 360 traits related to genetic risk and predispositions for inherited and lifestyle conditions, with the objective of motivating people to make positive diet and lifestyle changes.

“We are incredibly excited to partner with Insmart to introduce our direct-to-consumer genetic services in Vietnam and drive the adoption of personalized wellness and prevention. With a great understanding of the market, relevant services and extensive customer base, Insmart is a great partner to introduce our products to the market”, commented Thomas Haugan, Deputy General Manager of Genesis Healthcare Asia.

Additionally, Cheam Teck Eng, CEO Insmart, mentioned “With more than 960,000 customers who have taken their DNA journey with Genesis Healthcare, we are thrilled to have such an established and credible partner to work with to provide genetic testing services to our customers and partners in Vietnam, a natural extension of our existing services”.


More information about GeneLife can be found at and Insmart customers that have purchased a kit can register online at

About Genesis Healthcare Co. Ltd
Genesis Healthcare Pte. Ltd., is a leading biotech company, pioneering genetic research since 2004 and promoting preventive healthcare and wellness through genetic testing. Leveraging more than 17 years of genetic research and development, Genesis Healthcare empowers medical institutions and end consumers alike to evolve towards personalized wellness and medicine. Originated in Japan, Genesis Healthcare offers medical, corporate, and consumer services through a range of innovative services across the Asia Pacific region. GeneLife is the direct-to-consumer brand of Genesis Healthcare.

About Insmart
Insmart Company Limited is a joint venture entity established in Year 2010 under Vietnam Foreign Investment Laws, between Malaysian and Vietnamese shareholders and specializes in the provision of insurance and healthcare related services. Key areas of expertise are third party administrator (TPA) or healthcare claims administrator services, corporate employee health benefits administration (EBA), insurance management solutions and health & wellness administration (HWA). Being a client-focused and quality services orientated company, Insmart strives to be recognized as the premier “one stop service center” in the insurance industry in Vietnam.

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