Apr 21, 2021
Press Release


TOKYO, APRIL 21, 2021 – Genesis Healthcare Co., Japan's leading genetic testing and research company has reached more than 980,000 customers to date and will soon reach the milestone of one million customers in Japan and Asia combined.

Reaching one million customers is a first in Japan in the field of genetic testing and research, such a milestone is a recognition of the continuous innovation that Genesis Healthcare has demonstrated over the years and its commitment to provide access to personalized health and prevention through GeneLife, its direct-to-consumer genetic testing services.

Genesis Healthcare will be celebrating the milestone of reaching one million customers with a range of exciting initiatives in Japan, focusing on giving simple and affordable access to genetic testing as well as keeping people safe and informed in the time of a pandemic.

Limited edition kit at ¥11,000 (tax inclusive)


Genesis2.0, the flagship and best-selling genetic test from GeneLife will be released as a limited edition kit at a promotional celebration price of ¥11,000 (tax inclusive) till 31st of May 2021 in Japan.

With more than 360 testing items, Genesis2.0 is the most comprehensive genetic test within the GeneLife product range with assessment of genetic risk for inherited and lifestyle diseases as well as physical and behavioral traits.

Celebrating the Millionth Customer and DNA Day

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Genesis Healthcare has started a countdown till the millionth customer and the selected winner will be able to receive a special prize.

Furthermore, over the period of 21st of April till 31st of May, customers purchasing the Genesis2.0 limited edition kit will be entered in a closed promotion to win a range of prizes to celebrate reaching the one million customer milestone and DNA Day 2021 on April 25th.

Information about the promotion in Japan is available at: https://genelife.jp/1m/.

Additional testing items suited for raising self-awareness and prevention in the time of a pandemic

With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Genesis Healthcare is adding a new report to assess COVID-19 severity based on genetics and other health conditions.

The report will cover a range of additional testing items as well as considerations for prevention based on heriditary conditions, lifestyle diseases, BMI, diet and fitness, which may impact the severity of COVID-19.

The additional report will be released as part of the limited edition kit on April 21st 2021.

In addition, Genesis Healthcare is releasing a free web based tool to access vulnerability for developing severe COVID-19 and health related hazard risks. Based on a simple health and conditions questionnaire, participants in Japan will be able to determine their COVID-19 Health Hazard Score to understand their potential vulnerability as well as receive a range of considerations and precautions for the workplace.


The COVID-19 Health Hazard Score tool is available on-line at: https://genelife.jp/covid19-score/en/

For press and media inquiries, please contact:press@genesis-healthcare.jp

About Genesis Healthcare Co.
Genesis Healthcare Co., is a leading biotech company, pioneering genetic research since 2004 and promoting preventive healthcare and wellness through genetic testing. Leveraging more than 17 years of genetic research and development, Genesis Healthcare empowers medical institutions and end consumers alike to evolve towards personalized wellness and medicine. Originated in Japan, Genesis Healthcare offers medical, corporate, and consumer services through a range of innovative services across the Asia Pacific region.