We, Genesis Healthcare, pioneer in the genetic testing industry in Japan, are as such a group of professionals that are seeking to accelerate this new industry with innovative thinking and raising new talents. The nature of our service we provide, which was born out of a union of science and IT, attracts many professionals with different backgrounds varying from holding degrees in science, engineering to social sciences seeking a challenge to expand their horizons.

Open Positions

About Our Hiring Process

We put an emphasis on team work, which is why our hiring process does not end with just meeting HR personnel but members of staff across functions will participate in a candidate’s interview over a couple of rounds. Lastly candidates will be invited to meet executive level member of staff for a final interview. Each milestone will provide time for both the candidate and interviewer to reflect on the candidate’s career path, their desire to eventually hold an executive level position or choose a path of professionalism, where they envision themselves in the next 3 to 5 years etc. which will enable both parties to discuss each other’s thoughts together. Due to multiple rounds of interviews, candidates will be asked to visit the office multiple times, however through having a conversation with our employees and being in the office environment we hope that candidates can develop a sense and understanding for what we do and strive to become.

Inquiries about the hiring process


About Our Working Environment

Genesis Healthcare, up until now has been rooted deeply mainly in the Asian region and has been providing research support and has been catering to needs that are unique to this region, which is why we are a company with an eye on the world and are aiming to grow accordingly. All our employees share the common goal which is to become talents that can work in global settings. This common goal enables employees to form strong bonds through interacting with talented members of staff and continuously being pushed to strive to become their best selves. We also hire Non-Japanese passport holders and almost 20% of our staff are from different countries outside of the Japanese borders. Therefore, English is being utilized as an accepted common language within the company. Leadership and self-ownership lead to fruitful experiences in this company.

We cherish individuality and hope to provide an environment which allows all employees to work comfortably. ‘Genetics’ is still a field of the unknown to many in Japan but that is why we, as employees of Genesis Healthcare should believe in the possibilities of this field, and that we are providing a solution to all our customers and as such enjoy our work place to keep challenging ourselves.

Special Employment Program (For candidates who require special support)

Due to our business nature, we have a higher frequency of working with and supporting patients and families that are suffering from incurable diseases or with physical, learning or mental disabilities. Thus, we also feel the strong need to also create employment opportunities for those who struggle from disease or support employees whose family members struggle with difficulties. We feel a strong corporate social responsibility for the physically disabled and people with development or mental disorders. If a candidate has disabilities or assistance needs, we will plan with you accordingly.

Internship Programs

We offer internships for high school, undergraduate and graduate students wishing to learn the procedure and operating various genetic testing equipment or pursue their interest in genetic research. If you are an interested candidate, please send your Letter of Interest and Resume to our Human Resources Dept. We will not refuse an internship based on lack of experience. The internship will last over a period of 1 to 2 months.


Talent at Genesis Healthcare

We at Genesis Healthcare nurture a culture of professionalism within a small number of employees. All employees are driven by the common value of each being the ‘company’s face’ through continuous efforts to create meaningful relationships and working with a sense of pride.

In order to provide professional solutions, we make sure to create a working space based on team work. We strive to make sure that the services we provide for various needs are carried out with accuracy, speed and excellence through each employee taking ownership and acting with professionalism. Another characteristic of our company is the fact that most female employees work while having a family. A warm and embracing working space and culture is what we are striving to realize, through ensuring work-life balance and time-management so that day-to-day tasks are solved within working hours which is also one of the key motivational factors that drives our employees. This common goal and working ethic is reflected in the satisfaction level across our entire company among both male and female employees. We have implemented a system of professional hiring, which is commonly seen in foreign invested companies, which ensures that we operate in a non-hierarchical and horizontal organization where individuality and unique skills are valued.

Basic Information

Number of Employees: 39 (26 male, 13 female) - We have a diverse working environment with different nationalities such as the United States of America, United Kingdom, France, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Taiwan to name a few.
Age on Average: 38 years old
Regular Working Hours: 9:30AM - 6PM (incl. 60 mins of break)
Annual Holidays: Approx.120 days and more (Saturday, Sunday, national holidays, end of the year and new year holidays)
Paid Holidays: Paid leave will be calculated based on the month of joining the company (15 days max.)
Commutation Benefits: Maximum ¥50,000 Bonuses: Once per year, based on performance