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First in Japan, Genesis Healthcare introduces at-home Whole Genome Sequencing test

Tokyo, August 1st, 2022 -- Genesis Healthcare Co., Japan's leading genetic testing and research company, is introducing GeneLife WGS, a brand new at-home genetic test leveraging Whole Genome Sequencing technology.

A first in Japan, GeneLife WGS analyzes more than 6,500 items such as genetic disease risks and constitution, allowing participants to understand their genetic blueprint for prevention.

The last 8% of the human genome was recently decoded by researchers* and with more than 18 years of genetic research in Japan, Genesis Healthcare is now introducing whole genome sequencing testing services through GeneLife, its direct-to-consumer brand.

Analyzing the whole genome with about 30,000 genes and more than 6.9 million gene mutations decoded, GeneLife WGS test provides a holistic view of one’s genetic make-up for early detection and prevention of potential health risks.

With more than 6,200 diseases and conditions tested, GeneLife WGS covers a wide range of risks, including rare diseases, hereditary genetic conditions, cancers, and lifestyle related diseases.

The test comes with on-line counseling with a healthcare professional to review specific disease variants and results are available via the GeneLife mobile application.

Based on global standards, Genesis Healthcare leverages a range of global expert panels as well as best in class sequencing technology from IlluminaTM’s NovaseqTM 6,000 and 30x coverage for optimum results.

For additional information about GeneLife WGS in Japanese, please visit: * Telomere-to-Telomere (T2T) Consortium

About Genesis Healthcare Co. Genesis Healthcare Co. is a leading biotech company, pioneering genetic research since 2004 and promoting preventive healthcare and wellness through genetic testing. Leveraging more than 18 years of genetic research and development, Genesis Healthcare empowers medical institutions and end consumers alike to evolve towards personalized wellness and medicine. Over the years, more than 1,300,000 customers have trusted Genesis Healthcare and GeneLife to undertake genetic testing. For press and media inquiries, please contact


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