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New Ancestry Genetic Test, Designed for the Diversity of Japanese and Asian Ancestral Heritage

Tokyo, March 1st, 2022 -- Genesis Healthcare Co., Japan's leading genetic testing and research company, is celebrating its 18th anniversary today and to celebrate this milestone announces the release of an upgrade of its ancestry genetic test and services, GeneLife Haplo2.0.

With increasing enquiries from customers for more advanced ancestry services focusing on Japanese and Asian lineages, Genesis Healthcare has collaborated with the National Institute of Genetics (NIG) in joint research applied to ethnicities and ancestral migrations over the last 6 years.

The research led to new discoveries of Japanese and Asian ethnic migrations evidence, revealing rich and diverse origins of the Japanese population and East Asian ancestors. Some of the findings were published by the renowned Journal of Human Genetics.

GeneLife Haplo2.0 is the most comprehensive ancestry lineage tracing for Japanese and Asian populations, including some refined and new features:

- Extended coverage of maternal ancestral migrations with more than 90 haplogroups analyzed, identifying pathways taken by ancestors from Africa to Asia, from approximately 150,000 to 200,000 years ago.

- Introduction of paternal ancestral migrations, covering more than 160 haplogroups tracing past migrations from approximately 275,000 years ago.

- Addition of an ethnicity mix composition feature, which predicts the genetic composition of an individual and how it connects to the origin of ancestors from other parts of the world.

GeneLife Haplo2.0 will be available on the 1st of March at a retail price of JPY 14,900. Results and interactive contents are accessible through smartphone and the GeneLife mobile application available on iOS and Android devices.

Celebrating humanity, diversity, and peace

Haplo2.0 is about celebrating humanity, diversity, and global peace through genetics. Genesis Healthcare is saddened by the recent events in Ukraine, and will donate 10% of its Haplo 2.0 sales from March 1st to June 1st 2022, to a range of NGOs committed to deliver essential humanitarian aid.

About Genesis Healthcare Co.

Genesis Healthcare Co. is a leading biotech company, pioneering genetic research since 2004 and promoting preventive healthcare and wellness through genetic testing. Leveraging more than 18 years of genetic research and development, Genesis Healthcare empowers medical institutions and end consumers alike to evolve towards personalized wellness and medicine. Over the years, more than 1,300,000 customers have trusted Genesis Healthcare and GeneLife to undertake genetic testing.

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