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Genesis Healthcare provides advanced R&D and genomic diagnostic testing services to researchers and medical professionals


GenesisPro offers clinical genetic testing and screening services to healthcare providers, medical institutions and universities in their research programs.

GenesisPro is a one-stop genetic testing services at Genesis Institute of Genetic Research (GIGR), which is a CAP accredited and registered Japanese CLIA laboratory located in the heart of Tokyo.


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NovaSeq™ 6000
Illumina, Inc.
iScan™ System
Illumina, Inc.
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LightCycler® 480 System

Roche Diagnostics K.K.


MGI Tech Co., Ltd.

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Genesis Healthcare is Japan’s pioneer in Genetic Research and Testing with 20 years of history serving the medical and academia community. With over 2 million samples processed to date, our quality is marked by “Japan Quality, Global Standard.”

Our primary goal is to offer our valued customers a one-stop service for their testing needs starting from sample preparation, testing and bioinformatics and/or data science by professional staff.

Genesis Institute of Genetic Research (GIGR) is also Japan’s premier high throughput laboratory. Our high testing volume is supported by robotics, laboratory automation and AI which is paired with the newest state of the art equipment.

Our innovative approach allows our academia customers to rent-a-lab. We understand that many of our customers would merit outsourcing testing due to the high overhead associated with equipment purchase, retaining seasoned technicians, expensive annual maintenance fee especially if the annual sample size is small. We are equipped with the equipment and scientists to support you towards your goal without equipment investment or hiring staff.


Furthermore, we offer on-demand bioinfomatics and datascientists as a post-testing service. Finally, we can store all your genetic data in a segregated data cloud in the format of your choice for easy remote access, security and data analytics. Through our rent-a-lab program, our academia partners are also able to freely access our laboratory’s wet station to conduct various tasks themselves. Our rent-a-lab’s flexibility will meet all your testing demands, whether small or large sample size at the lowest price offered in Japan or we will match the lowest price.


We accept saliva, blood, and tissue samples, under insurance or non-insurance coverage.


Cost effective and full service whole genome / whole exome sequencing at our next generation sequencing laboratory.


Genotyping service based on microarray sequencing technology, leveraging Illumina’s Infinium Asian Screening Array and customized microarray chip.


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Single and multiplex SNP genotyping analysis upon individual request.


Comprehensive pharmacogenomics tests covering most prescribed drugs to reduce adverse drug reaction, help optimize dosing, and assist in selecting the most effective medication. 

BRCA1/2 Test

BRCA1/2 tests for early detection and prevention.


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Others services including:

  • RNAseq / RNAi

  • Gene cloning

  • Methylation / CNV

  • Gene editing (CRISPR-Cas9 and other Cas)

  • Assay design

Diagnostic testing instruments & medical consumable materials

Genesis Healthcare offers DMAH services to foreign medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies, that wish to partner with a local Japanese company to register and introduce their products and services in Japan.

Our company is a licensed IVD and Medical Manufacturer & Distributor as well as a Pharmaceutical Drug Distributor in Japan.

Genesis Healthcare continues to distribute a wide range of medical devices, instruments and materials to medical and research institutions.


Saliva DNA Sampling Kit


Contact us to learn more about GenesisPro, including our R&D and diagnostic testing services as well as diagnostic testing instruments and consumable materials and reagents.

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