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Our aim is to make a meaningful impact on people’s life, health and wellness through genomic science and artificial intelligence.


Although all individuals look and think differently, live different lifestyles and speak different languages, 99% of our genetic makeup is common across all humans. The diversity between us comes from the remaining 1%. Our mission is to embrace this 1%, to use genetic analysis to encourage creating a healthy society that celebrates diversity.

DNA Strand

Our mission

Empowering individuals, researchers and corporations through genomic science to evolve towards personalized health prevention and solve complex medical research issues.



The word Compassion in Japanese is called “Jihi". Jihi is also commonly used in Buddhist teachings as a spirituality of enlightenment. The first syllable, “ji” signifies love that grants blessings and respect and personal freedom from caring for others. The Second syllable, “hi,” is benevolence that seeks to rescue people from suffering. Compassion, under Buddhist teachings therefore means to help people rid themselves from suffering and giving them peace. At Genesis Healthcare, Compassion is the most important Philosophy that we adhere to and speak every day. Every decision we make is based on Compassion to help others and society.


Corporate Governance is about integrity and responsibility to society. As the leader and pioneer in Genetics in Japan, we constantly question the integrity of our actions at all levels including the types of genetic tests that we offer to proactively engaging ourselves in dialogues with Regulators in formulating guidelines that benefit society, customers and patients. It is our view that ethics is just a word on paper unless it is practiced and put into action.


On this notion, we connect to our second Corporate Philosophy, “Cooperation. “Humans, throughout our history, have also sought comfort in a band or group of common people with similar culture, history, or ethnic background. It is human nature to feel uncomfortable when there is a different member in a small band of people. However, in our global society, we must “cooperate” and learn to understand and respect our neighbors. At Genesis Healthcare, our employees come from multiple countries and comprise a widely diversified melting pot from different backgrounds from around the world, commanding a level of communication and cooperation unlike none seen in Japanese companies. We are able to cooperate because our treatment toward each other is based on Compassion and Cooperation.


And finally, Genesis Healthcare embraces “Change.” While modern medicine has proven to be effective in many ways, it also has its many challenges including side effects or high costs. With our challenge towards advancement of gene therapy or pursuing new genetic technologies to help those that are suffering, Change is a driver of growth at Genesis Healthcare to be in the forefront the genetic industry. We are constantly pushing ourselves to find the best solution for all stakeholders that resonate with compassion and Corporate Governance with respect towards modern medicine. Perhaps, it is worth to note that the only constant within Genesis Healthcare is its ability to Change and to promote change.


Fostering International Mindset


At Genesis Healthcare, we uphold a unique and innovative HR initiative which focuses on recruiting and retaining talent from those from all backgrounds and offer placement in areas without much experience. The reason is, we value ambition for newcomers to pursue new career areas.

We also do not call our employees “Employees” as is common with most companies. Our employees are referred to as either “Innovators,” “Creators,” “Disruptors,” or “Educators.” We focus on hiring those that can demonstrate their unique talent and potential despite their current, former positions or education.

Project Groups across members of different divisions are typically formed with those from different background to offer fruitful discussions and to bring out the best of delivering the best products, tests and services with the vision in mind. As a result, Genesis may lack organization or structure from within. But, with different mindsets constantly seeking Innovation, Creation, Disruption or Education always at work, it will feel like you are travelling into the future as well. We hope you will choose Genesis Healthcare and become part of the future of genetic science.


March 2004


This is the genesis of our company to advance genomics and disrupt health prevention in Japan.

June 2008


Pioneering the direct-to-customer genetic testing segment with the introduction of GeneLife, the first consumer genetic testing brand in Japan.


*Non-executive Director




Special Advisor

Toshiharu Furukawa M.D., M.B.A., Ph.D. (Attorney)


Nobuaki Tanaka M.D., Ph.D.

Medical Science Advisor

Shohei Matsuzaki M.D., Ph.D. (Professor Emeritus Tokai University)


Dr. Shohei Matsuzaki M.D., Ph. D. (Professor Emeritus Tokai University), Chairman of Ethics Committee

Dr. Yoshiro Kubota M.D., Ph. D. (Kikkoman General Hospital, Director of Hospital)

Ms. Yumiko Waseda (Attorney)

Dr. Hiroshi Nishihara M.D., Ph. D. (Professor, Genomics Unit, Keio Cancer Center, Keio University School of Medicine)

Dr. Iri Sato Baran Ph. D. (Vice Chair of the Board, Genesis Healthcare)


Our partners

Genesis Healthcare collaborates with a range of strategic partners, with different collaboration models, ranging from whole-selling services of existing products to OEM partnerships across our product-line up (exclusive of risk testing). In addition, GeneLife is distributed through a range of retail partners, such as pharmacies, beauty salons, sports gyms, to name a few. Customized API services are also available and evaluated on an on-demand basis.

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Combining genetic science and advanced prediction models, Genesis Healthcare has received 72 patents to date. The highest number of patents awarded in Japan in the genetic field, stemming from gene therapy, disease risk prediction models, chemistry, and reagents, just to name a few.


Our scientists continuously strive to advance genetic science and technology through in-house R&D. Furthermore, we engage in numerous collaborations with various academic and industry partners in the effort to apply genomic discoveries for social benefit.

Our research is reviewed and published through peer reviews in international journals.


Making an impact through our science and innovation

Genesis Healthcare is honored by the awards and recognition received over the years.

In 2023, Genesis Healthcare received a Good Design Award in the HealthTech Application category for its Whole Genome Service, including featuring more than 6,500 items and integrating a telehealth service in the GeneLife mobile application.

GeneLife 3.0, our wellness mobile application powered by genetics was recognized at the prestigious Good Design Awards in 2019.

In 2020, Genesis Healthcare received a Business Innovation Award from the Golden Globe Tigers award in 2020.

In 2016, Genesis Healthcare was presented the Partner of the Year Award from P&G in Japan.



Based on global standards, Genesis Healthcare leverages the latest sequencing technologies, automation and best in class R&D practices to advance medical science and research based on genetics.




Genesis Healthcare Co.


March 1, 2004


100 Million Yen



Yebisu Garden Place Tower 26F 4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN, 150-6026
Google Maps
TEL 03-5422-8506 FAX 03-5422-8526


Yebisu Garden Place Tower 26F 4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-6026, JAPAN

Licenses & Registrations

Clinical Laboratory (Gene-related and Chromosome Analysis)
Medical Equipment Manufacturer
Third-class Medical Device Marketing
In-vitro Diagnostics Manufacturer
In-vitro Diagnostics Marketing
Pharmaceutical Wholesale Business
Telecommunications Carrier


CAP(College of American Pathologists)

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