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A revolutionary genomics platform empowered by generative A.I.

What is 

GenesisGaia is a Pioneering Generative A.I. Platform for Life Sciences, Powered by Genomic Big Data.

GenesisGaia offers text and visual functions to facilitate and support a variety of industries in their precision R&D efforts through advanced predictive algorithms and visualizations that will support faster delivery to the market. Genesis Healthcare hopes to create a new standard for Genomic Database as a Service (GDaaS) through the introduction of this novel product.


With GenesisGaia, researchers in a variety of industries can improve their workflow by utilizing the data and tooling available. For example, GenesisGaia can simplify candidate screening process for CROs, accelerate drug discoveries for pharmaceutical companies, reduce cost of product development R&D for wellness & beauty corporations, and used in much more alternate use case.

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Gateway to Rich Genomic Database of Japanese and

East Asian Populations

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Accelerate R&D Process

with Genomic Big Data

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GenesisGaia Compass

Draw Novel Insights from Genesis' Databank

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Customization to Make Your Imaginations into Reality

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GenesisGaia Beauty

Genomic Platform for 

Skincare & Cosmetics

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GenesisGaia Haplo

View Associations Between Haplogroups & Diseases for
the Japanese Population


GenesisGaia Match

Gateway to Rich Genomic Database of Japanese and East Asian Populations

Provides user access to 400,000+ genomes enriched with phenotypic data collected by Genesis Healthcare, primarily of Japanese and East Asian descents, making it one of the largest of its kind.


Data is provided in fully anonymized format and is filterable by diseases and other phenotypic features such as age, gender, and health conditions.


Sample population is re-contactable, making candidate recruitment easier than ever.


GenesisGaia Explorer

Accelerate R&D Process with Genomic Big Data

Process over 34M+ data points about genes, variants, proteins, compounds, and other literature data with the help of generative A.I.


Leverage our A.I., which can answer questions you have about genes and diseases, as well as pre-selecting relevant relationships to accelerate your R&D process.


Visualize relationships of variety of data points to increase research efficiency and encourage innovative findings by using genomic big data.


GenesisGaia Compass

Draw Novel Insights from Genesis Databank

Explore Genesis' vast genomic databank primarily collected from Japanese and East Asian descents with a variety of visualization tools.​


Patented pre-set prediction models provide novel insights on a variety of diseases.


Carry out Genome-Wide Associations Study (GWAS) over Genesis's data.


GenesisGaia Atlas

Customization to Make Your Imagination into Reality

GenesisGaia aims to become an invaluable partner for our clients, by allowing full customization of our platform per request.


Whether that be importing and merging client's database with our database, integrating client-specified public databases, or customized setups and connectivity, GenesisGaia will work with you to our best ability. API services are also available.


With such flexibility, GenesisGaia can become an integral part of your R&D workflow.

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GenesisGaia Beauty

Genomic Platform for Skincare & Cosmetics

GenesisGaia Beauty is a feature dedicated to skincare and cosmetics R&D and product development.

Taking guesswork out of the skincare equation, GenesisGaia Beauty supports researchers in identifying molecular and genomic correlations between cosmetic ingredients, genes, and their effect on the skin.


GenesisGaia Haplo

View Associations Between Haplogroups & Diseases for the Japanese Population

GenesisGaia Haplo enhances the GenesisGaia Compass suite, utilizing Genesis Healthcare’s extensive and anonymized genomic dataset of the Japanese population.


GenesisGaia Haplo enables users to conduct detailed association studies, exploring the interplay between specific diseases and haplogroups with the aid of a sophisticated visual analytics tool.


Additionally, GenesisGaia Haplo introduces an exclusive "Haplogroup Disease Mapping" feature. This innovative network diagram, derived from peer-reviewed scientific literature, illuminates the intricate connections between haplogroups and disease prevalence specifically for the Japanese population.

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Contact us to learn more about GenesisGaia and our genomic platform dedicated to researchers.

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