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We deliver real-world impact, helping researchers to advance medical science and our customers to reinvent their health.


20 years of genetic R&D

Our genomic services are the de facto solutions
for medical institutions, researchers, government, business partners and individuals in Japan.

Our proprietary AI prediction models and advanced bioinformatics pipelines are designed to process high volumes of genomic and phenotypic data.


Genesis Healthcare is at the forefront of three disruptive innovations


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High throughput testing facility

Our automated high throughput laboratory features the latest sequencing technologies, including NGS (Next Generation Sequencing), Microarray and PCR. To date, we have performed more than 2,000,000 genetic tests.

Our testing facility is CAP accredited and a registered Japan Clinical Laboratory. In addition, our company is also a licensed IVD and Medical Manufacturer & Distributor as well as a Pharmaceutical Drug Distributor.

With in-house scientific research capabilities, Genesis Healthcare is involved in multiple R&D initiatives and offers a one-stop solution for genetic testing services.



Fostering innovation through genomics and technology

Blending the agility of multidisciplinary teams with domain expertise in biology, bioinformatics, data science, machine learning, wearable technologies and UI/UX design, our A.D.A.M. Innovation Center is at the heart of all our product developments.

In an open space environment, our teams collaborate and unleash their creativity to develop new prediction models and services powered by genetics and artificial intelligence.


Research collaborations across multiple areas 

Genesis Healthcare collaborates with multiple academic institutions to advance research through genomics and technology.


In collaboration with the National Institute of Genetics (NIG), Genesis Healthcare has supported research applied to population genomics in Japan and ancestral migrations.


With Juntendo University, joint-research has focused in areas of anti-aging and oncology.

Other research areas, include SARS-CoV-2 as well as multiple collaborations for new product development or personalization based on genetics.



Our scientists continuously strive to advance genetic science and technology through in-house R&D. Furthermore, we engage in numerous collaborations with various academic and industry partners in the effort to apply genomic discoveries for social benefit. Our research is reviewed and published through peer reviews in international journals.



At Genesis Healthcare, we unlock the power of genomic science through technology and cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

We do this by harnessing the foresight and precision of genetic data combined with advanced proprietary prediction models.

To date, Genesis Healthcare has received 72 patents. The highest number of patents awarded in Japan in the genetic field, stemming from gene therapy, disease risk prediction models, chemistry, and reagents, just to name a few.

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