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GeneLife CONNECT - Connecting the World through Genetic Information

Tokyo, April 25, 2024 – In celebration of DNA DAY 2024 on April 25th, Genesis Healthcare Co. and GeneLife, Japan’s leading direct-to-consumer genetic testing brand, are announcing the release of a new service, GeneLife CONNECT.

Thriving to enhance accessibility to genetic testing, GeneLife CONNECT introduces a breakthrough new service, featuring a unique kit and pricing structure. With the initial testing fee waived, customers can now delve into genetic testing through a cost-effective monthly subscription.



With GeneLife CONNECT, participants can access their genetic results and enjoy a variety of exclusive value-added features for health prevention, wellness, and ancestry exploration.


In addition, participants can securely store their DNA data for their own use and potentially connect with academic and commercial partners interested in genetic data for research or drug development purposes. Through an opt-in program, participants can share their anonymized genetic data and may be eligible for revenue-sharing arrangements or selected rewards. This acknowledges the significance of contributing to genomic research advancement and recognizes the participants for their valuable support.


Moreover, with a GeneLife CONNECT subscription, participants can securely store their personal genetic data for future reference and receive ongoing updates as genomic science progresses and new features are introduced.




It has been 22 years since the Human Genome Project’s completion and 2 years since the identification of all gene functions, alongside the advent of novel gene editing tehcnologies. These advancements have paved the way for new therarpies to address rare diseases and multiple conditions.


Despite these advancements, Asian populations continue to be underrepresented in global research and clinical trials. While Asians make up approximatively 60% of the global population, they comprise only 11% of the clinical trial participants (Sources: Statista, 2022 and Nature, 2020). Additionally, about 78% of data used in genome-wide studies originates from individuals of European descent, despite this group representing only 16% of the global population (Source: Nature, 2021). Moreover, researchers worldwide lack access to Asian genomic data, hindering efforts to target diseases specific to Asian ethnicities and develop appropriate therapies.


Guided by its corporate philosophy, “Celebration of Humanity”, Genesis Healthcare is devoted to advancing the establishment of an Asian genomic community for open research. This commitment extends to support those in need, benefiting healthcare and government institutions and society as a whole.



On April 25th, GeneLife Genesis CONNECT and GeneLife Haplo CONNECT will debut in Japan and Taiwan, offering health prevention and ancestry features, respectively.


In Singapore, GeneLife Haplo CONNECT will be made available in accordance with local direct-to-consumer genetic guidelines.


Expansion of the GeneLife CONNECT subscription portfolio is expected to continue in 2024, encompassing additional GeneLife testing services and introducing new features and benefits.




To date, Genesis Healthcare has conducted over 2,7 million genetic tests, representing a 72% market share for GeneLife in Japan (source: Fuji Kimera report, 2024).


Operating for two decades, Genesis Healthcare proudly stands as one of the most reputable genetic testing providers, placing utmost importance on genetic data storage, security, and customer privacy. Recognizing genetic data as highly sensitive, Genesis Healthcare has implemented rigorous IT security measures to ensure that data storage and security are safeguarded.


Through incorporating data storage fees in its GeneLife CONNECT subscription, Genesis Healthcare remains committed to bolstering security measures, futher enhancing its dedication to data protection and privacy.


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About Genesis Healthcare Co. 

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Genesis Healthcare Co. is Japan’s leading genetic testing and research company, servicing medical institutions, corporations, and individuals to benefit from personalized health and precision medicine. Through its patented A.I. driven prediction models, Genesis Healthcare Co. provides advanced genetic testing services, from prevention to diagnostics. GeneLife and DNA DAY are registered trademarks of Genesis Healthcare Co.


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