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Genesis Healthcare Co. Announces the Release of GenesisGaia

Pioneering Generative A.I. Platform for Life Sciences, Powered by Genomic Big Data

Tokyo, July 19, 2023 – Celebrating its 20th Anniversary, Genesis Healthcare Co., Japan’s leading genetic innovator, is releasing GenesisGaia on July 19th, 2023, in cooperation with PRiME-R, a medical company of NTT group, and XeBRaL, a leading company in data discovery & collection for data science usage.

GenesisGaia is a Pioneering Generative A.I. Platform for Life Sciences Powered by Genomic Big Data. GenesisGaia offers text and visual functions to facilitate and support a variety of industries in their precision R&D efforts through advanced predictive algorithms and visualizations that will support faster delivery to market. Genesis Healthcare Co. aims to create a new standard for Genomic Database as a Service (GDaaS) through the introduction of this novel product.

Despite the release of the Human Genome Project in 2003 and the completion of whole genome protein functions in 2022, only a nominal number of precision tailored drugs have reached the market, resulting in disappointment for many patients who suffer from rare or invasive genetic diseases that are anxiously awaiting breakthrough in science.

As such, it is GenesisGaia’s quest to support the discovery of new drugs using generative A.I. technology by reducing R&D bottlenecks and market delays caused by lack of A.I. adoption. By 2025, it is estimated that more than 30% of new drugs will be systematically discovered using generative A.I. techniques (Gardner, 2021), accelerating decision making and reducing R&D costs.

GenesisGaia is a revolutionary life science platform that features over 31 million data points from various open-source public databases about genetics, variants, proteins, compounds, publications, and clinical trials. These are all interconnected to consist one of the largest genetic databases in Japan (400,000+ genomes enriched with phenotypic data), compiled by Genesis Healthcare Co. over the last two decades and available for commercial use.

Genesis Healthcare Co. endeavors to provide a ONE-STOP Life Sciences R&D Platform powered by GENOMIC data.

GenesisGaia Match is an added feature of GenesisGaia, which allows commercial companies to identify potential cohort study participants and facilitate patient recruitment based on conditions or diseases of interest. In particular, Asians represent about 60% of the global population, but only 11% in clinical trials (Nature, 2021) while about 78% of the data used in genome-wide studies come from people of European descent, while this group makes only 16% of the global population (Nature, 2016, Cell 2019).


Life sciences organizations require customizable solutions to import their own data sets or access proprietary knowledge databases.

GenesisGaia offers modular services to customize its platform to specific needs and requirements to life sciences and biopharmaceutical customers. A range of APIs are available to customers interested in accessing data sets and interactive visualization solutions.

Partnership Announcement:

Genesis Healthcare Co. is excited to announce its cooperation with PRiME-R on sales of GenesisGaia services in Japan and with XeBRaL, a leading Data Science and A.I. technology company, to compile open-source data sets and commercialize API services.

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About Genesis Healthcare Co.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Genesis Healthcare Co. is Japan’s leading genetic testing and research company, servicing medical institutions, corporations, and individuals to benefit from personalized health and precision medicine. Through its patented A.I. driven prediction models, Genesis Healthcare Co. provides advanced genetic testing services, from prevention to diagnostics.

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About PRiME-R

Prime Research Institute for Medical RWD, Inc. (PRiME-R)is a medical company of NTT Group, which collects and structures real world data from clinical sites through a system that links data from multiple electronic medical records, represented by Cyber Oncology®, to optimize medical service and develop efficient pharmaceutical products and medical devices, and contribute to the progress of next generation medical care.

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About XeBRaL Since its foundation in 2008 in Tokyo, XeBRaL has been specialized in data discovery and A.I. pre-processing service to a wide spectrum of customers in global institutional investment firms, global hedge funds, Japan based top law firms and financial institutions. XeBRaL has established a unique service line-up with its ability to merge domain knowledge and technological expertise, which enables clients to boost the speed

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GenesisGaia is a registered trademark of Genesis Healthcare Co.

Cyber Oncology® is a registered trademark of PRiME-R.


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