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GenesisGaia broadens its services on AWS to facilitate global research initiatives with Asian genomic data

Tokyo, May 13, 2024 Genesis Healthcare Co. is participating in the AWS GenomicsCommunity Day in Tokyo on May 13th and is extending its GenesisGaia services through AWS to empower life sciences genomic research and accelerate advancements in precision medicine.

Driven by its corporate mission, "Celebration of Humanity," Genesis Healthcare is committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse Asian genomic community dedicated to open research. Through collaborative efforts and advocacy, Genesis Healthcare endeavors to bridge these gaps and drive equitable representation in genomic research and clinical trials.

Since its inception in July 2023, GenesisGaia has witnessed growing interest in accessing Asian data for research worldwide. To capitalize on this trend, GenesisGaia will utilize the scalability and advantages of AWS HealthOmics and broaden its services by extending them to the AWS Marketplace.


This coincides with the recent release on DNA DAY 2024 of GeneLife CONNECT, a breakthrough new service, featuring a unique kit and pricing structure. With the initial testing fee waived, customers can now delve into genetic testing through a cost-effective monthly subscription.


In addition, participants can securely store their DNA data for their own use and potentially connect with academic and commercial partners interested in genetic data for research or drug development purposes. Through an opt-in program, participants can share their anonymized genetic data and may be eligible for revenue-sharing arrangements or selected rewards. This acknowledges the significance of contributing to genomic research advancement and recognizes the participants for their valuable support.

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About Genesis Healthcare Co. 

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Genesis Healthcare Co. is Japan’s leading genetic testing and research company, servicing medical institutions, corporations, and individuals to benefit from personalized health and precision medicine. Through its patented A.I. driven prediction models, Genesis Healthcare Co. provides advanced genetic testing services, from prevention to diagnostics. GeneLife, GenesisGaia and DNA DAY are registered trademarks of Genesis Healthcare Co.


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