Mar 8, 2021
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First methodology in Japan using saliva-derived genetic data for early detection of risk associated with mLOY in leucocytes such as non-communicable diseases

TOKYO, March 8, 2021 – Researchers at Genesis Healthcare Co., Japan's leading genetic testing and research company and Department of Advanced Informatics of Genetic Diseases, Juntendo University, have conducted a joint-research to identify and compare the usefulness of saliva-derived genetic data versus blood-derived data for mosaic loss of chromosome Y analysis.

Early aging mechanism is a key topic of research, with tremendous potential for the future to inform patients about potential risks of developing conditions based on genetic pre-dispositions and lifestyle-related diseases to evolve towards preventive and personalized health.

Saliva yields DNA of sufficient quantity and quality to compare favorably with blood as a source of DNA for genetic research. Collecting saliva samples is less invasive than obtaining blood samples when performed in cohorts from large populations and the purpose of the study was to evaluate and compare respective methodologies.

This study referenced genotype data collected from GeneLife, the direct-to-customer genetic testing service of Genesis Healthcare, with opt-in individuals to participate in the research and supplementary phenotype and lifestyle questionnaires to complement the study.

The study revealed that blood and saliva-derived genetic data were similar, particularly for age, BMI and alcohol drinking associations, while some nuances and caution were identified for smoking associations.

The study manuscript named “Evaluation of the usefulness of saliva for mosaic loss of chromosome Y analysis", was submitted to Scientific Reports on 18th of December 2020 and published on 12th of February 2021 and is available at:

DOI: Hachiya, T., Kobayashi, T., Tsutae, W. et al. Evaluation of the usefulness of saliva for mosaic loss of chromosome Y analysis. Sci Rep 11, 3769 (2021).

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